Single page navigation

To add menu entry that points to specific position of some page, like Contacts menu item in pointing to bottum of home page in this demo site. 

  1. Create new menu entry.   
  2.  In "Glori Options" Specify the Original page where the content will be. (Home page) 
  3.  Specify anchor, witch will act like URL. (in this case "contanct")
  4.  Go to original page and add Heading widget to place where the user should be pointed.
  5.  Select options and specify the same anchor ("contact").
  6.  Don't forget to save and publish the page.  


Block widget

Block widget can be used to add background to your content.


  1. Text color of content inside the block like headings and text widget.
  2. Background color of block. Or color that will be on top of the optional background image.
  3. Background color transparency. If you want to darken image set background color to black and adjust percentage to fit your needs in this case lower percentage will make the background darker. To lighten the image you can select white background color. You can use any color.
  4. Option to use image as background.
  5. Selected image from repository.

 Advanced options.

  1. Fixed background will not move when the page is scrolled causing parallax effect.
  2. Option to blur background image.
  3. Radius of blur. Higher values will cause more blur to the image.
  4. Option to add shadow for text inside the block.
  5. Background size specifies the size of background image. There are five options: cover, contain, auto, fit width, fit height.
  6. Option to repeat the background if it is to small. Can be used for patterns.
  7. Size of background image in pixels.